Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Popular Songs Make = Good TV Spots

You may have had your fair share of egg nog and fruit cake, unwrapped loads of presents and sang enough carols to make you hoarse. And to end the Christmas evening, here's my top 8 songs used in the year's interesting commercials.

Verizon may have decided to open it's network, but that's not the only thing the cellphone powerhouse opened the public to. Meet California's HardNox—better known as the masterminds behind the song for the new Verizon Juke commercial. Not only does the song get your head bopping, but the dancing in this spot is pretty incredible, which is why it's 8 on my list.

At number 7 is the glam-brand Dolce & Gabbana. The soundtrack behind its jewels and watch commercial not only shows beautiful people accessorized in D&G but also makes you want get up and dance along with them.

Let's keep the beat up with another dance-inspired TV spot at 6—the Dancing with the Stars promo featuring Let's Dance by HSM vet Vanessa Hudgens. In this song, she sheds her oh-so-sweet poppy ways to add some spice to already hot salsa dancing.

Now we couldn't ignore the holiday ads (especially on Christmas Day). Although I don't know who sang this song or its title, there's no denying that this year's Target Christmas spots put people in the jolly mood (besides making you want to take a trip to your local Target store). So here's number 5.

Feist's Teletubbies-like, whimsical song 1,2,3,4 adds a fun touch to the already colorful commercials for the new generation of iPod Nanos, which is why it's 4 on the list this year.

Let's slow things down a bit with the new but always romantic De Beers commercial with Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Nashville's own Landon Pigg. Not only will it entice you with beautiful ice but Landon's soothing voice will definitely melt your heart.

This year's number 2 spot is CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy meaning tired of being sexy in Portuguese). Breaking out of Brazil, this sultry group brings up the beat in the iPod Touch commercial with their tune, Music is My Hot, Hot Sex. Now, of course, it's been edited for kid-friendly viewing. But even with the touch up, it's still a hot track for another hot gadget by Apple.

And at number 1 is NYC's Ingrid Michaelson's The Way I Am—featured in Old Navy's sweater commercials. Not only did this song put Ingrid on Carson Daly's show but also has made her a household name. (Her recent concert at New York's Webster Hall was a successful sold out gig.)

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