Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Musicians Bring Magic to 'The House Bunny'

What do you get when you get an Idol alum, a Cheetah Girl and All-American Reject on a movie set? The House Bunny, of course. In this hilarious new movie, Playboy bunny Shelley (played by Anna Faris) becomes the house mother for a not-so-cool sorority. She makes over not only the girls but her own life. A fun take on girl-power and one to watch with your sisters, The House Bunny also brings in the talent of Idol's Katherine McPhee who plays Harmony (the free-spirited knocked up Zeta sister), Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams (the very shy and quiet Zeta) and All-American Rejects' frontman Tyson Ritter (the hot but goofy frat boy who's the object of Zeta sister Natalie's affection). The first female-driven comedy produced by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions, this film (out in theaters on Aug. 22) is a show definitely worth seeing.

Katherine McPhee, with help from the other Zetas, perform "I Know What Boys Like", the theme track to the movie. Here's the video for the track—catchy and download-worthy...

And for you Kiely fans, don't forget to catch the new Cheetah Girls flick, Cheetah Girls One World on the Disney Channel on Friday.

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