Monday, April 28, 2008

Kate Tears Up Webster

It seems like New Yorkers just can't get enough of this British gingersnap with sweet pipes and skills on the keys. Webster Hall was packed with fans (18 and over, sorry kids) from all over on April 23 to see what this girl can do. Opening with Pumpkin Soup, Kate Nash was comfortable dressed in a number that you know you'd find in your mama's closet and sitting at her rightful spot -- front and center sitting behind the keyboard. Her band were nicely dressed in threads that look like old school Savile Row and looked like a fashionable boy band -- in a good way, of course. From guitars to a green xylophone, the boy backup band played behind Miss Nash so casually as if they were rehearsing in their garage back home.When she performed Birds, she switched keys for strings, and the boys bust out with the toy xylophone and electric ukulele. She's so nice that she even waves hello to concertgoers including my concert partner-in-crime for the night. Whether it be ballads or poppy tracks, she captivates the crowd in her own sweet way. During Dickhead (no need to explain that song), but live it has a sensual smooth tune that can bop anyone's head and move their hips. The nice mix of the fluid melody, hard bass drum and shrilling of the haunted electric guitar.
Foundations got the crowd, especially the girls, singing their hearts out as if it's the night's theme song. Everyone completely came together during the lyricsYou said I must eat so many lemons 'cause i am so bitter. I said, "I'd rather be with your friends mate 'cause they are much fitter"... It's the only time you'll get Americans sing kahnt and not the usual can't.One of the highlights of the night was the band's performance of Model Behaviour -- Brit punk rock at its girly finest. Kate Nash proves that she's more than a girl with a catchy tune. She'll be continuing the NME U.S. tour till mid-May and then will be hopping back to the U.K. in time for the country's music festival season.

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