Tuesday, April 29, 2008

iPod Shuts Up and Lets Go

Just like it did with Jet, CSS, The Fratellis and Feist, Apple has been using the power of music to market their latest gadgets. But if you didn't notice yet, the tech company loves to search for the not-so-known artists with their even lesser known tunes that have one addicting hook.

In Apple's new commercial, they kept the color and dancing shadows but delved into new dance-worthy music-making duo The Ting Tings with their song, Shut Up and Let Me Go.

Like them and can't get enough? Here's That's Not My Name (my fave) off their forthcoming album, We Started Nothing, out in the U.S. on May 20.

And you can catch them live when they come to the U.S. in June. Check MySpace for dates. You can also vote for their video, Great DJ, on MTV or grab it off iTunes.

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