Friday, February 8, 2008

Rooney Videos and Tour

Let's continue this Rooney ride with two new videos that the band's release on their site.

I Should've Been After You

A bit poppy with a 60s vibe.

Are You Afraid?

Just think if the characters of Interview with the Vampire lived now and walked around with an 80s soundtrack in the background, you'd have this video. And Wildfire's Genevieve Cortese (who plays Kris Furillo on the show) plays Robert's girl in the video.

And it's official! Rooney will be joining the Jonas Brothers on their arena tour this spring. Fine fine, if you read the previous post, the boys may have poked fun at pop music, but it doesn't mean they hate them. Although both do know how to rock out (in their own ways, of course), it'll be interesting to see how screaming tweens will react to Rooney's California-throwback-pop/rock sound.

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