Monday, February 11, 2008

Now That the Golden Phonographs Have Been Handed Out

Depending on how you feel about the music industry, Grammys night be a hit or miss on your list. And although there are people who completely detest last night's showcase, I thought it was a great evening for music. Amy Winehouse and Kanye West did come out the top winners with Miss Winehouse grabbing 5 and Kanye taking 4 home. But it wasn't the wins that really made them shine that night (although they couldn't hurt) but it was their stage presence last night.

Kanye not only gave a heartfelt performance to honor his mother but started of his set with a sick rendition of Stronger and even brought none other Daft Punk.

And who could forget Amy's acceptance speech. Being in her native England, she definitely gave it up for London and showed her Brit pride.

The Foo Fighters rocked to hordes of their fans outside the Staple Center, collabing with the brilliance of Zeppelin's John Paul Jones' orchestral arrangement, My Grammy Moment winner Ann Marie Calhoun and even former Foo guitarist Pat Smear supported the performance.

Idol vet Carrie Underwood vamped up her set complete with pyro and dancing mechanics holding car pieces.

Beyonce and Tina Turner tore it up with Proud Mary.

The Liverpool boys were honored with a performance by Cirque de Soleil and cast members of Across the Universe.

And finally the performance that gave me the chills—Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli's ode to the late Luciano Pavarotti.

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