Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Girls Can Rock

As I wait for UPS to deliver the new Foo Fighters album to my doorstep, I figure I should look at the some tracks hitting the Web waves. Lucky for me, I found a few.

Emm Gryner

Although she's been around forever, she's still definitely one of my favorite artists. I still remember the first song that I heard of hers -- Southern Dreamer. I was in high school, and my friend plays a mixed CD in her car, playing the track. And since then I've been a fan ever since. And a week or so ago, I came across the some All Time Low. Fine fine, it may be from The Summer of High Hopes, released last year, but it's still new to me. Anyway, with her signature soothing voice and the catchy guitar in the beginning, it's one you'd download from her MySpace as soon as possible.

Colbie Caillat
Already named one of VH1's You Gotta Know artists, Colbie Caillat isn't just a pretty girl with a guitar. No, with her soft vocals and catchy lyrics, you can't help but just smile to any one of her songs. And of course how happy can you get with the infectious Bubbly. You can't help but remember the time when that feeling starts at your toes and makes you crinkle your nose. Even a sad song like Midnight Bottle, which talks about downing a night cap alone, still sounds pretty.

MariƩ Digby
There's been a number covers of Rihanna's summer smash, Umbrella, but there's probably none that's caught on quite as quickly as MariƩ Digby's.

With over a million video views and playing on The Hills, Digby is well on her way to the top. But she isn't just doesn't record covers on YouTube, she has composed/written original songs which you can find on her EP, Start Here, available on iTunes. Rumor has it her full length album is in the works and will come out in '08. Can't wait!

This is one chick who definitely knows how to rock it out. Stumbling on her by chance, Tigs is from the UK and whose sound has been compared to Karen O and Queens of the Stone Age. Just named a Vans Girl, her music can pull you in and spit you out (but in a good way). Her video for Something New is a whole different story. Definitely a work of abstract art, and leaves you little dizzy.

Unfortunately, her CD isn't really available in the US, but if you hit up her fan club or of course, MySpace.

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