Monday, June 23, 2008

Sneak Peak: Lily Allen's New Song

Lily Allen is back in the studio working on her follow up to her '06 debut, Alright Still. And it looks like she may be taking risks on this sophomore effort. "Guess Who Batman?" takes a jab at the British National Party (ok more like a blow to them. At first it was written about the BNP, but "this issue has become relevant pretty much everywhere," Allen writes on posted on her MySpace blog. "we are the youth , we can make coolness for our future , its up to us . go green and hate hate." Masked behind an upbeat light pop beat, the heavier lyrics sound so much prettier than they really are. It's an interesting take on the passive aggressive approach. Perhaps "Guess Who Batman?" could be her next hit? Give it alisten on Lily Allen's MySpace.

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