Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kate's Big Welcome to NYC

In honor of Kate Nash's U.S. release of Made of Bricks, she treated New Yorkers to a taste of her performing skills at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square tonight. For those who were lucky enough to get tickets to her sold out Bowery show tomorrow night had a sneak peak while the youngins' who couldn't get into the 18+ show or the ones who couldn't score tickets got a free Kate Nash concert. And who could say no to free?

In an adorable, girly ensemble, Kate took the stage only to meet with paparazzi-style flashes and high pitched screaming. Although I'm sure she should be used to the praise from fans, she did ask the cameras to take a break while she performed. Doing a 4-song set (including her single, Foundations), the ginger-haired self blew the crowd away with her expressive vocals and mastery of the keys. Closing the show Merry Happy, Kate proved that she's not a Lily Allen Part 2 and makes everyone see her talent.

Here's some pics from the event...

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